Chicco Baby’s new born gift Deal Package (0-12 Months) 2 baby bottles 2 pacifiers


SKU: 4000962291858
  • Origin: IT(Origin)
  • Type: Baby Bottle
Your Baby’s First Set 3-Way Package
1-Well-Beıng PP Color Baby Bottle Girl 250 ML
* Advanced Anti-Colic System; The anti-colic valve is designed to prevent air ingestion, and help reduce restlessness and post-nutritional colic and vomiting.
2-Well-Beıng Glass Feeding Bottle Unisex 240 ML
* Approved and recommended by 9 of 10 mothers.
3-Physıo Compact Soother 2
* Ergonomic Shape
* Ventilation Holes
* Ultra Compact

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