Mother Baby Best Set New Born For Baby Babysoft Rattle, Nasal Pump, Feeding Bottle and Pacifier Set Blue Girl / Boy


SKU: 1005002384083567
  • Brand Name: Babysoft
  • Origin: TR(Origin)
  • Capacity: 125ml
  • Flow Velocity: Variable Flow
  • Material: P.P.
  • Packaging: Combination of equipment
  • Material Feature: BPA Free
  • Age Range: Maternity
  • Age Range: 0-6m
  • Age Range: 7-12m
  • Age Range: 13-24m
  • Age Range: 25-36m
  • Type: Baby Bottle
  • Shape: Round
  • Mouth Size: STANDARD
  • Pattern Type: striped
  • Kapasite: 30ml

Set Content

125 ml Plastic Feeding Bottle,

30 ml Plastic Feeding Bottle & Waterer,

Nasal Aspirator, Cheerful Rattle, Pacifier Holder & Palate Pacifier

Babysoft palate pacifiers are made of Bisfernol A-free materials for the health and safety of your child, with the highest safety standards for our babies.

Various body color and pattern options are available.

Palate pacifiers have body and plug options suitable for day and night use.

All types of palate pacifiers can be kept with a lid.

There are also pacifier options with sling, which are aimed to reduce the risk of falling or disappearing of the pacifier due to the unstable and sudden movements of babies.

There are different teat options that you can use in parallel with your baby’s development.

The structure of the nipple tip supports the natural palate development of the baby.

Its symmetrical design and palate-appropriate structure make it easier to hold in the mouth.

The teat tip comes in three different sizes. (0-6 Months, 6-18 Months, 18+ Months)

Babies accept pacifiers at the first time with a high rate.

The spout plug has a rectangular shape with rounded corners.

The half-elliptical form of the pacifier handle is aesthetic and easy to grip.

The spout plug can have many eye-catching designs thanks to its large surface.

The deep nose section on the upper part of the pacifier body allows the baby to breathe comfortably.

It helps. The body form does not irritate the mouth area thanks to its aesthetic structure.

Its symmetrical design creates perfect balance and makes it easier to hold in the mouth.

Air flow is flawless thanks to the spring-shaped air ducts on the body.

It has various color and pattern options.

The hanger body has a round form.

Air ducts on the hanger body in order to protect your baby from possible risks,

It is available on the right and left sides of the center of the hanger.

Due to the wide space to install the hanging rope / chain, all kinds of hanging ropes / chains can be installed.

The simple and convenient system of the hanger clamp allows it to be opened and closed easily.

Various pattern options are available.

The plastic structure of the hanger chain aims to prevent any damage to the baby in possible sudden movements.

The hanging hooks at both ends of the chain allow it to be easily attached to the pacifier.

Babysoft cheerful rattle is primarily designed for our babies to develop their talents. It also acts as a teether.

Babysoft cheerful rattle is extremely attractive for our babies because it consists of different figures and colors.

Its moving structure, having different colors and making intense sounds help our babies to develop their vision, touch and hearing abilities.

Babysoft plastic feeding bottles are made of Bisfernol A-free materials for the health and safety of your child, with the highest safety standards for our future babies.

There are a variety of plastic bottle sizes, patterns, and screw colors.

It provides long-term use with three different fluidity bottle nipple options that you can use in parallel with your baby’s development. In addition, there are two different types of bottle nipple options, round and palate.

A Premature Baby Bottle Pacifier is also available for our preterm babies.

There are 250 ml, 125 ml and 30 ml measurement options.

You can easily have the desired size baby bottles according to the needs.

Patterns carefully prepared for each size can be preferred according to your baby’s gender.

Many screw colors are available to match the existing sizes and patterns.

Babysoft bottle screws are compatible with all other bottle types. You can use the screw you want in any bottle you want.

In addition, you can easily reach the tip of the drinker suitable for all bottle types.

Babysoft bottle teats come in three different sizes: 0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18+ months.

In addition, there are two different types of baby bottle nipples, round tip and palate tip, in these month intervals.

Baby bottle teats accepted by our babies can be obtained easily.

It has been carefully designed to clean the mucus accumulation in the baby’s nose.

It is produced from LSR Liquid Silicone as a whole in order not to harm the sensitive nose of the baby.

Its ergonomic design and general structure facilitates the use of the Nasal Aspirator.

Does not contain BPA.


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