Zinc Alloy Pocket Long-life Ultralight Hand Warmer Indoor & Outdoor Small Handy Warmer Heater Handy Warmer Heater Pocket Warmer


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  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Heat Preservation Duration: 6 Hours & Under
  • Type 1: Fuel Hand Warmer
  • Type 2: Pocket Warmer
  • Feature: For Winter Outdoor
Low fuel consumption
The gives constant warmth for about a full day on just one filling of fuel.Very economical because of low fuel consumption.

Keep warm
The warmer heater can also be used normally in the cold zone of -40 °C. The temperature of the cup can reach 55 °C-70 °C.

High heat output
High heat output makes it usable even in extremely cold places with -40c temperatures.
Durable and safe
The warmer heater is made of zinc alloy, with polished surface and surface plating. It is easy to use.
The warmer heater is perfectly suitable for cold protecting, treatment, skiing, camping, and hunting.Suitable for daily life in the cold season, outdoor and field work, outdoor sports, travel.

Note: Please use dedicated oil products for lighters. Do not use gasoline, alcohol, kerosene, etc. to ensure the life of the handy warmer heater.
Type: Handy Warmer Heater
Material:Zinc Alloy
Fuel consumption: about 1.5 / hour
Catalyst life: about 1500 hours of ignition times 100 times
Surface temperature: 55 ° C -70 ° C
Size: 9.5*6.8*1.6cm/3.7*2.7*1.6inch
Net Weight: 66.0g/2.33oz

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